Harp and whales - a musical journey.

The whales and oceans have long called to me with the message that whales are conscious  beings wanting to communicate with mankind. “Deep Communion” emerged from a vision of conversing and traveling, through my music, with these ancient messengers from the sea.  Listening to the deeply moving whale songs while sitting at the harp in meditation, I merged with their music allowing them to guide me on our journey of underwater communion.


I invite you to join us in this mystical realm, and with an open heart receive your own personal message.


Roberta Belson, Harp & Piano

Marcia Sloane, Cello

Humpback Whales

Right Whales


In these difficult planetary times I feel called to use my healing and musical gifts in a global way.  My intention in making this recording is to bring whales’ wisdom into the human consciousness.  Unless we hear them now the whales will forever be lost to us!

After years of searching for whale songs I heard the Ocean Alliance recordings:  "Deep Voices" and "Songs of the Humpback Whales".  When this wonderful organization heard about my project they generously supplied the whale songs, as well as their support and encouragement.

About Ocean Alliance

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Each piece on "Deep Communion" was recorded live in a single take in duet with the whales as a stream of consciousness performance.


1. Bridging Worlds        9:53

2. Heaven and Water    3:36 

3. Deep Communion    9:27

4. Integration                  6:25  

5. Vibrations                   8:10

6. Infinity                         12.30


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The whale songs on tracks 1,2,3,4 and 6 are Humpbacks, recorded all over the world.  The songs on track 5 are Right Whales, recorded on the Patagonian coast in Argentina.  Right Whale voices are so low we raised them a couple of octaves to enable the human ear to hear them.  Their vibrations penetrate one's entire being.

Roberta's Background

---"The voice of God comes through her hands"--- Rabbi Stan Levy B'nai Horin/Children of Freedom


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